Alex’s RAW Quickie: #GoattitudeEra

That’s right, 10 Percenters, I’m dusting off the blog and doing RAW reviews from time to time! I have a short attention span, so don’t expect a thorough review of the whole show. No, I’ll leave that to guys like my friends at Marks For Xcellence! by the way, Chris Brown of PWPonderings deserves the credit/blame for “Goattitude Era.” That said, let’s get right into it shall we?

Raw Quickie – Labor Day

Opening segment: brilliant. Love the fact HHH is using “Bow Down to the King” as his theme right now.

HHH/Orton/Cody: decent. Cody being involved felt a little forced, but whatever.

Miz/Fandango: eh. I’m a sucker for Fandango, but can’t stand Miz. Best part is JBL defending Fandango on commentary. I was more entertained by the “Don’t Drink & Drive” commercial, to be honest.

Bryan/Booker: decent. Only thing that stood out was Daniel saying Booker’s line, though. Slightly awkward.

Ziggler/Ambrose…I mean, Ziggler/Ryback: OK. Ryback’s singlet indicates a change of interest from ambulances to police cars. (MFX joke #1)

Matadores promo: the way they keep throwing those “Ole!” chants, I expect to see El Generico on RAW.

Steph/Show: Oh hey, they actually addressed the ironclad contract deal. Stop whining, IWC. Seeing Steph’s job title reminded me of the web show “Creative Has Nothing For You.” The only reason to have this “conversation” out in the ring is so HHH can have his alone time with Brad Maddox. (MFX inside joke #2, go give their show a listen to figure it out)

3MB/PTP: Darren Young’s sympathy push continues. Slaters gonna slate. “Whistle while you work” is the funniest thing I’ve heard from Cole in a while. Meanwhile, JBL gives me another reason to believe Generico is coming to RAW. Thanks, JBL.

Brad/Heyman/HHH: excellent. Loved the line “Either way, I win…and isn’t that what’s best for business?” Very telling line, in a great segment.

Bray Wyatt promo: awesome. Loved the Icarus story (it’s the CHIKARA fan in me, lol)

Rhodes/Orton: good. Decent storytelling in this one. Poor Cody, though. Lost his mustache, and now his job…

Punk: gold on the mic as always.

Bryan/Show: good. Liked the “no win” bit at the end.

Divas: decent for a Divas match. Nice follow up from last week. Liked the “best for the business” line. The beat down on AJ post match…um…

Matadores promo 2: speaking of um…um…here’s my bold prediction: they’re gonna debut in a feud with Ryback. Because he’s a BULLy. Yep.

Sandow/RVD: decent. No real highlights for me.

Vaguely interested in No One Lives. Don’t hate me, please.

Steph/Divas: you see the look on Steph’s face? Even she doesn’t care about the Divas division. Awkward.

Rhodes: the most heart I’ve seen from a promo of his in a while. I hope he’s back sooner than later, and can keep up this level of work.

Show/Bryan: solid main event. Great way to further the storyline of the Administration.

Overall: Good show, glad I was able to watch it this week. Really digging this story with Daniel Bryan and the new Corporation; a line about it being the Administration was nice, I think that name should stick.

Well, that’s it for this week. Thanks for reading, be sure to stick around the site for more great reviews and big announcements from Occupy Pro Wrestling!

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