Welcome to the new Occupy Pro Wrestling!

It’s been a long time coming…

When I launched Occupy Pro Wrestling in 2012, I envisioned a website dedicated to bringing fans together and showcasing the art of professional wrestling to those who have never heard of it. As the years went on, I worked hard to partner with people who shared this vision, and to have conversations with fans who love wrestling. And now, the fruit of that labor has become ripe: the new Occupy Pro Wrestling website is here. You might notice some major changes, and some minor ones, as you browse the new site:

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Legends of the Lucha Temple Shirt – now available at What A Maneuver!

Ten Percenters, the moment is here! My personal favorite design to date, Legends of the Lucha Temple, is now available for purchase from my new buddies at What A Maneuver! Featuring ELEVEN colors to choose from (including the team colors from Legends of the Hidden Temple: Green Monkeys, Silver Snakes, Orange Iguanas, etc.), you can get yours starting at just $22.99 plus shipping and handling HERE!

What A Maneuver has been a great site to partner up with for this project, and if you like the shirt, be sure to check the rest of what they have available at WhatAManeuver.net! If you’re a wrestler, podcast, musician, or otherwise looking to put designs on a shirt, be sure to contact them! Straightforward setup, 50/50 split on profits, and your shirt will have a large audience and potential customer base.


The wrestling world is once again abuzz with excitement (and some dread) after news broke late last night of WWE’s purchase and acquisition of EVOLVE Wrestling, the independent promotion known recently for its working relationship with WWE’s NXT brand. A press conference will be held later today to make the announcement official, but we here at Occupy Pro Wrestling have the dirt on the biggest implications of this news:

  • EVOLVE will continue to run shows as usual
  • EVOLVE’s iPPVs will move away from WWNLive.com and onto the WWE Network
  • In an effort to reach out to the Japanese market, WWE has begun talks with Dragon Gate to resurrect the Dragon Gate USA brand. If this happens, those iPPVs will be on the Network as well
  • There will be cross-promotional specials featuring NXT (and possibly main roster) talent in the near future, most likely by Summerslam

Gabe Sapolsky and Triple H could not be reached for comment at this time. Needless to say, this is an exciting (if not scary) time for independent wrestling after WWE’s purchase of CHIKARA last year.


Coming Soon: The OPW Podcast!

It’s been a long time coming, Ten Percenters…

Part of the mission of Occupy Pro Wrestling has always been to promote the great things that fans love about professional wrestling, and after working with some great podcasts and other sites since 2012, we’re super excited to announce the Occupy Pro Wrestling podcast! We’ve got some great things lined up for ya:

  • Reviews of wrestling shows, movies, and all kinds of wrestling media!
  • Interviews with fans, wrestlers, and more talking about what we love in pro wrestling!
  • The latest news from our site partners and all over the world of pro wrestling!

And there’s even more on the horizon, so be sure to keep an eye (and an ear) out for the OPW Podcast! Recording has already begun on the pilot episode, so expect to catch that sometime this coming week!

Pick Ems Season 2 is Coming!

Last season we tested the waters…this season we’re jumping in headfirst!

Season 2 of our Pick Ems League is starting soon, and we want YOU in on the ground floor! We’re preparing a mailing list this coming season, so that people playing are notified right away when picks are ready to be made, as well as updates throughout the season! It’s gonna be a blast, and we can’t wait. For more information, we kindly ask you sign up for the mailing list so we know who is interested in playing next season! If you’d rather just receive updates on the season, let us know and we’ll make sure you’re not bombarded with unnecessary emails. Season 2 kicks off with the as of yet un-named PWG show on January 2, so make sure you sign up ASAP for the latest updates!

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C15 and Chattin’ Make Their Return!

Happy International Podcast Day, 10 Percenters! As we alluded to on Twitter and the #IAMCHIKARA group on Facebook, we are pleased to announced that CHIKARA in 15 Minutes or Less and Chattin’ With The CHIKARMY will be returning to the airwaves soon! Created by Babs, former intrepid reporter of CHIKARA, C15 was one of our earliest partners, and we are thrilled to be relaunching these shows in time for C15’s second anniversary.

Here are some noteworthy AND UPDATED details on the return of these shows:

  • Babs has given permission to OPW webmaster/founder Alex Kahrs to carry the torch for hosting duties.
  • It is my intention to retain the spirit of both shows, as they were borne of a love for CHIKARA and the loyal fanbase known as the CHIKARMY.
  • The first NEW episode of CHIKARA in 15 Minutes or Less will be posted on Sunday, October 4, the second anniversary of the show’s debut.
  • As always, I’ll be going over the latest news and media related to CHIKARA, as well as a feature each week. I’m starting a new feature series this week: Journey Into CHIKARA, the short-lived series that streamed on CHIKARA’s YouTube and CHIKARAtopia this past summer.
  • You can find the new show at its old/new home over at chikarain15.com! Please note the site is still a work in progress at the moment.
  • Feel free to send us your CHIKARA related news and media to chikara15@powertothesmarks.com!
  • The relaunch date of Chattin’ With The CHIKARMY is TBA while I work out some last minute tech details, but if you’re interested in being interviewed send me an email at chikarmychat@powertothesmarks.com with your name, preferred method of communication (Skype/Google Hangout/Etc) and relevant contact information (Skype username, etc) along with your availability.

CHIKARA Purchased by WWE

Wrestling fans around the world were stunned this morning by news of the purchase of CHIKARA Pro by WWE. News first broke on the WWE App, and we now have the exclusive details of what this purchase entails:

  • WWE is now the exclusive distributor of VOD content for CHIKARA, meaning you can find your favorite CHIKARA shows on the WWE Network for only $9.99 a month!
  • WWE will be live streaming future “iPPV” specials for CHIKARA exclusively on the WWE Network…which you can get for just $9.99 a month.
  • New original CHIKARA programming will be developed in the near future for the WWE Network…which you can get for a mere $9.99 a month.
  • The CHIKARA movie The Ashes of CHIKARA will be available on a variety of streaming platforms like Hulu Plus and Netflix, but your first chance to watch it will be on the WWE Network…for just $9.99 a month.
  • Various stars of the CHIKARA roster will be reporting to the Performance Center later this week. Names mentioned include “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti, Ultramantis Black, and current CHIKARA Grand Champion Icarus.
  • Mike Quackenbush has been named the new head of training at the Performance Center. The jury’s still out on whether or not there will be an NXT Wrestle Factory.

Neither the WWE nor CHIKARA representatives could be reached for comment at this time. We here at Occupy Pro Wrestling wish CHIKARA Pro all the best in their future endeavors.

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