Championship Wrestling from Hollywood TV Tapings (SPOILERS)


Highlights/Thoughts (CONTAINS SPOILERS):

Please bear in mind, these are mostly just random highlights and thoughts coming out of the tapings. A lot of good stuff happened, to the point where this was about all I could manage to pull away without thinking too hard. I tried the “bring a notebook so I can write a bunch of stuff down” route before, it didn’t work for me. Enjoy.

RockNES Monsters reunite at expense of PPRay

The picture at top is the one shot I could get of the match. Oh, well. If you’re mostly a PWG fan, this might surprise you but Yuma and Goodtime had been split up for some time now in CWFH. The tapings gave us the apparent blowoff to a feud between the two, but the well wrestled match ended in a double count out after a big spot on the announce table. The two men went to the back together, leaving many questions (in my mind, anyway) as to whether the Monsters were reunited.

The Monsters answered with a resounding YES later in the taping, attacking PPRay after their loss to Los Banditos. The attack came to a head (pardon the pun) when Yuma hit the “conchairto” on Ray Rosas, his head on the steel steps brought into the ring. The attack was so brutal that staff checked on Rosas, having to carefully get him out of the building and leaving us to wonder if he is alright.

Scorpio Sky calls out Kevin Steen

Scorpio Sky had a match against my personal “hometown homeboy” Ryan Taylor, but before that match he responded to the Twitter war going on between him and Kevin Steen by calling out the former PWG champion, telling him to come to Sky’s “hood” of CWF Hollywood. I will raise this question to you: do you think Steen would actually appear on CWFH to respond? I think it’d be cool, but a tad unrealistic. Then again, I’ve seen some crazy stuff in pro wrestling.

New TV Champ, Shady Methods Involved?

One of the marquee matches of the tapings was the No DQ Street Fight as Willie Mack set to defend his title against Tyler Cintron. In a match that mostly consisted of Mack beating the sense out of Cintron, the conclusion was very shady to say the least; Cintron began punching away at the head of Mack, eventually leading to a referee stoppage (possibly a TKO) that awarded the title to Cintron as many fans began chanting “BS.”

To sum up other important stuff that happened at the tapings (and again, SPOILERS abound in here): Rixelplix makes a new “friend” out of “Blackheart” Bruce Owen (and I fully expect him to simply go by Blackheart going forward); Family Stone watch it all come crumbling down as they lose to Adam Pearce and his Amazing Friends (including one of my favorite guys of all time, Eric Watts); Shaun Ricker cuts an inspiring promo involving his late manager Percy Pringle; and tons more!

I’m going to leave the rest of the news to reveal itself in the coming weeks, but I can assure you that the product is worth checking out. You can catch Championship Wrestling from Hollywood every Saturday (Sunday) at 1 AM on KDOC, and online later in the week at

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