Legends of the Lucha Temple Shirt – now available at What A Maneuver!

Ten Percenters, the moment is here! My personal favorite design to date, Legends of the Lucha Temple, is now available for purchase from my new buddies at What A Maneuver! Featuring ELEVEN colors to choose from (including the team colors from Legends of the Hidden Temple: Green Monkeys, Silver Snakes, Orange Iguanas, etc.), you can get yours starting at just $22.99 plus shipping and handling HERE!

What A Maneuver has been a great site to partner up with for this project, and if you like the shirt, be sure to check the rest of what they have available at WhatAManeuver.net! If you’re a wrestler, podcast, musician, or otherwise looking to put designs on a shirt, be sure to contact them! Straightforward setup, 50/50 split on profits, and your shirt will have a large audience and potential customer base.

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