The wrestling world is once again abuzz with excitement (and some dread) after news broke late last night of WWE’s purchase and acquisition of EVOLVE Wrestling, the independent promotion known recently for its working relationship with WWE’s NXT brand. A press conference will be held later today to make the announcement official, but we here at Occupy Pro Wrestling have the dirt on the biggest implications of this news:

  • EVOLVE will continue to run shows as usual
  • EVOLVE’s iPPVs will move away from and onto the WWE Network
  • In an effort to reach out to the Japanese market, WWE has begun talks with Dragon Gate to resurrect the Dragon Gate USA brand. If this happens, those iPPVs will be on the Network as well
  • There will be cross-promotional specials featuring NXT (and possibly main roster) talent in the near future, most likely by Summerslam

Gabe Sapolsky and Triple H could not be reached for comment at this time. Needless to say, this is an exciting (if not scary) time for independent wrestling after WWE’s purchase of CHIKARA last year.


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