OPW Podcast: Don’t Cross The Streams

Solar eclipses, a new podcast, cats and dogs sleeping together…mass hysteria! This week I talk about wrestling streaming services and the highlights of Summerslam weekend before getting into a chat with Todd Joerschel of Filsinger Games, looking at old-school WWF, CHIKARA, Lucha Underground, and the global (one would even say galactic) reach of Filsinger Games! All that and the return of the Partner Spotlight await you, so strap on those proton packs and let’s get to it!

Thanks as always to our various site partners, and a shoutout to The Mystery Men for “Keep My Heat On” from their album Musica Enmascarada, as well as Lee Rosevere for some great music you can use for podcasting. Check that music out at the Free Music Archive!

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