OPW Podcast: Introductions Are In Order

It’s here, Ten Percenters! The debut of the OPW Podcast, a pilot of sorts, and a chance to get an idea of what I’m hoping to do with the show! Like a delicious casserole, there’s plenty of layers to enjoy:

  • In the Partner Spotlight, I give an introduction to each of the partners I’m working with, from podcasts to wrestling results to a wrestling film;
  • I give a little introduction of myself, how I get into wrestling and why I’m doing this show;
  • I give a review of Colt Cabana’s Pro Wrestling Fringe, an awesome mini-series you can find on HOWL.fm;
  • For my first interview, I chat with my buddy Babs about how she got into wrestling, her involvement with CHIKARA and the origins of CHIKARA in 15 and Chattin’ With The CHIKARMY, working with Excellence Pro Wrestling and if there are any “shady dealings in catnip,” and much more!
Thanks for listening, and please leave some feedback! It’s a growing project, and all your feedback will help foster that growth. Interested in chatting with me about what you love in wrestling and why? Contact me on Twitter @Power2TheSmarks or on Facebook so we can work out a day/time! Big shout out to The Mystery Men for letting me use their tunes for the opening and closing, be sure to follow them on Twitter and check out their music on Bandcamp!
Interview Links:
Babs on Facebook and Twitter

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