OPW Podcast: Revenge of the Smarks

SMAAAARRRRRRRRKS! The podcast has finally returned, and we’re picking up right where we left off:
  • The latest from our site partners, including two new partners in What A Maneuver and Keyboard Warriors;
  • A quick look at some great media, including the book Titan Screwed, a podcast called On This Very Screen and the Hell in a Cell precursor known as The Last Battle of Atlanta, which you can find on the WWE Network;
  • And the long-overdue chat I had with Mike Sorg (Sorgatron) back in May, in which we talked about what got him into wrestling, what started the Wrestling Mayhem Show, the origins of his video production work with Sorgatron Media, and more!
It’s absolutely great to be back, Ten Percenters! Be sure to check out our new Patreon page and pitch in a buck or two to support the show and march, and in return we’ll have early shows, bonus content, and a chance to win FREE shirts!

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