PWG Mystery Vortex: A Review and Gallery

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Hello, 10 Percenters!

I went to my first live PWG show in Reseda on December 1, and it was an absolute blast! Some of my favorite guys were there, the atmosphere was an intimate buzz throughout the night, and I finally got to see what PWG at the Legion Hall was all about. Here are some highlights, and hopefully this email won’t be too long:

– PWG’s “Mystery Vortex” marked the final appearance of one of the founding fathers of the promotion, Joey Ryan. After a stellar match against Scorpio Sky (who can now hold the claim of retiring all his former Dynasty teammates), Joey gave a heartfelt speech in which he explained why TNA basically forced him out of the indies. I wish Joey all the best as he embarks on his TNA career, and HOPEFULLY the Hulk Hogan show that has been running iMPACT won’t drag Joey down; to quote Excalibur’s final words to Joey, here’s hoping that he “takes all their money and never comes back [to PWG].”

– Got to see some really great guys for the first time, as well as returning favorites. Super Smash Bros. wrestled RockNES Monsters and the team of Roderick Strong and Eddie Edwards in two separate matches; it was great to see how far RockNES have come along in the last two years that I’ve known about them, Hard & Strong wrestled a great pair of matches as well opening the show against the Young Bucks (two other really cool guys that have garnered a lot of praise), and it was fun seeing SSB wrestle live after seeing videos of them for so long.

– Main event of the evening saw Kevin Steen (the sultry voice that has helped introduce the MFX podcast for nearly a year now, thanks for keeping that soundbite up guys!) take on the Battle of Los Angeles 2012 winner Adam (not Michael) Cole. More importantly (and I look at MFX’s Duckman as I say this), it was in a GUERRILLA WARFARE match…for those who don’t know what that is, it’s essentially anything goes with the added bonus of falls count anywhere. You may have seen pictures of just how crazy this match was, and while it did not go out to the parking lot like other matches of its kind have, it ended on one high note after another: Steen slamming Cole through a stack of steel chairs, Cole pulling off the Florida Key suplex on Steen into thumbtacks, and Cole shocking the entire Legion Hall with the fairly clean win over Steen…and proceeding to get out of the Hall as quick as possible, as staff went to check on Steen.

All in all, this show was worth going out of my way to see. And Duckman will be happy to know I finally made it to a PWG Reseda show, haha. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking up the DVD when it comes out…

…it is gonna be so choice.

Enjoy the photos! And check out the video preview HERE!

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