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Sorry for the lack of updates, folks. With school picking up, it was tough getting the time to actually POST stuff lol. Gonna start out by covering quite a bit of ground here, and will pick up the posting in the future. Let’s start out with most recent thing first, shall we?

My copy of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla‘s Kurt RussellReunion 3 came in the mail today, and let me tell you, it is STACKED with delicious PWG goodness. If you’re looking for a detailed review of every match, feel free to find another blog or news site because you won’t be getting one here. It’s okay, I won’t be angry if you leave. Feel free to come back when you just want to read one guy’s take on the DVD as a whole.

For those of you still here (or returning from your venture elsewhere), welcome (back)! This show meant a lot to me because I got to see it live at the LAX Westin, and yet somehow PWG manages to produce a DVD that is actually EQUAL to the live experience. I enjoyed watching this DVD for three reasons: 1) I got to catch some of the little things I might have missed thanks to the different viewing angles, 2) the classic PWG commentary continues to impress, this time with the team of Excalibur and Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana (who seemed fairly impressed with my “Occupy Pro Wrestling” t-shirt), and 3) I got to spot myself sitting in the front row a few times during the course of the DVD presentation. It’s almost like I can go to IMDB and make myself an actor’s page and put that down as a “role” I played…okay, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch.

Anyways, KRR3 was an amazing event featuring some of the best wrestlers in pro wrestling today including stars of Dragon Gate USA and the VERY impressive Mascarita Dorada and DEMUS 3:16. Seriously, if you’ve never seen PWG wrestling, you should check out this DVD. The production quality is beautiful, the in-ring action is amazing, and the DVD packaging is absolutely stellar. There is absolutely no reason NOT to buy this DVD, so let me help you out:

Kurt RussellReunion3
Go to the PWG website and buy this DVD!

Now that I’ve sold you to a DVD from PWG, let’s move on with some big news about the return of one of my all time favorite promotions, Mach 1 Wrestling.

If you’ve never heard of M1W, allow me to turn the clock back a little bit to July 2, 2010. My first indy wrestling show was none other than M1W’s “Friday Fight Night” at the American Sports Center in Anaheim, after some convincing from my buddy Mike. I went to this small room inside the Center, and found the most amazing time ever watching the likes of Willie Mack, Eric (then known as Jason) Watts, and James Morgan. I liked it SO much, I had to go back the next week with my friend Hannah and show her how good it was. Any wrestling show that can be enjoyed by someone who doesn’t watch wrestling HAS to be good, right?

In the time that I’ve followed the company, M1W has proved to be a great promotion both for its great action AND for the good cause it brings as a developmental platform for aspiring wrestlers. The Wrestling 101 school and M1W promotion have brought some amazing talent that you can find wrestling in SoCal and around the world. To bring this post back to the PWG show mentioned above: Willie Mack, Peter Avalon, Ray Rosas, Ryan Taylor, Brian Cage (-Taylor), the RockNES Monsters, and Joey Ryan have been featured on M1W shows in the past.

Last October was Mach 1’s “Wrath of Con 3,” a show held during the Long Beach Comic Convention. It was an amazing time, but it also turned out to be the last show for a while before M1W was officially put on hiatus in January following major health issues by promoter Jon Ian. Thankfully, Jon has recovered quite well…and so, the show goes on.

On April 21, Mach 1 Wrestling returns with a vengeance, making up for lost time with TWO shows in one day co-sponsored by the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), the prestigious wrestling organization M1W is affiliated with. If you’re in the area, you should come to the Epic Lounge in Downey, CA as M1W and NWA Pro present “Double Down” at 2PM and 6PM on April 21, 2012. In case you’re wondering, that IS the same night as PWG’s DDT4 show in Reseda. That show is at 8PM. Sounds like a good night to be a wrestling fan in Southern California to me.

Occupy Pro Wrestling

I’d like to finish this post real quick with some exciting news and a shill of my own stuff for once, lol. As some of you might know, I’ve recently launced the website for my Project NuMan Designs freelancing, and I wanted to extend the offer of great design service to wrestlers, wrestling promotions, and any other site involved in this great industry. I’ll post a new page on the blog with the specifics, but feel free to check out my PND site to get a general idea on what I’m offering. I hope to hear from you soon on that, if you’re interested.

That’s it for now, Pro Wrestling Occupiers. Thanks for your time, and don’t forget to find your local pro wrestling fix wherever you can…after all, we are the 10%!

– AlexK

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