RAW Quickie: The Other Side of Hell…in a Cell

Here we we are with the next edition of RAW Quickie! We already saw who escaped from Hell (in a Cell) alive, let’s see what happens next! Let’s take it to the ring…

Authority Segment:

  • Steph and H open the show gloating over the Authority’s success at HIAC, namely Seth Rollins…
  • …who makes his way out to the ring, followed closely by his stooges.
  • Rollins brags about defeating Ambrose at HIAC
  • Randy Orton comes out, looking none too pleased about what happened last night
  • He gets ready to beat up Rollins, but Triple H stops them…
  • …to no avail, as Orton hits Rollins with an RKO (outta nowhere!)

Tag Title Match: Gold/Stardust vs Show/Henry:

  • Awesome commentary line: “There’s no second place in America!”
  • Match starts off fine, until a blind tag by Big Show leads to an argument between him and Henry
  • The match starts going off the rails for Show/Henry until Henry takes Show out with a World’s Strongest Slam
  • He picks Stardust up, covering Show with him to allow the tag champs to retain
  • After the match, Henry drops Show with not one but TWO more World’s Strongest Slams, followed by a big splash
  • Most awkward breakup EVER

Mark Henry Backstage:

  • Henry gets questioned about his actions
  • “He’s jealous of me!” Okay.

Roman Reigns Interview:

  • Reigns is asked how he’s feeling, and says he’s doing better but wishes he could be there
  • Asked about the Rollins/Ambrose match last night, he shows a lot of respect for Ambrose…
  • …but promises to deal with Rollins as soon as he’s medically cleared!

AJ Lee vs Alicia Fox:

  • This is a match that happened.
  • AJ Lee picks up the victory, but my FWL points continue to skyrocket to thanks to one Alicia Fox.
  • Paige beats up Fox after the match.
  • My “out of nowhere” counter is set at 7 at this point. Make that 8.

John Cena In-Ring:

  • Cena appeals to the San Antonio crowd, before talking about his #1 contendership and the match against Rollins
  • Stephanie McMahon comes out to apparently talk about Survivor Series…
  • …and to give John Cena a proposition: join The Authority, who are willing to show him respect
  • Cena refuses, which brings out Triple H
  • Match announcement: Team Authority vs John Cena and whoever he can find that will support him
  • Side Note: the WWE Title is not defended two PPVs in a row. The world is cold, WWE fans, bundle up.

Miz/Mizdow vs Usos:

  • Mizdow continues to be the highlight of any of this “stunt double” nonsense.
  • Good match overall, though. I’m just saying what most of you already know: Mizdow IS money
  • Match ends with Usos pulling off some “twin magic” to get the win

Pre/Post Commercial:

  • We see John Cena talking to Dolph Ziggler before commercial…
  • …and after the break Kane confronts Dolph with an upcoming match.

Hulk Hogan In-Ring, Brother:

  • Hulk congratulates Cena on winning HIAC, and going to face Lesnar for the title
  • Proceeds to give the charity shill, brother
  • I think the same promo as a week or two ago…brother
  • …brother

Bo Dallas Open Challenge:

  • I am still a Boliever, but I am so glad Ryback is back.
  • Quick match to show Ryback still has it, putting Bo out of his misery before hitting the Shellshock for the win

Cesaro vs Dean Ambrose:

  • Before the match, Dean addresses what happened last night…
  • …and proceeds to attack Cesaro, to the point where the match never happens
  • Bray Wyatt shows up on the screen, responding to Dean with an eerie message…”Run”

Nikki Bella vs Naomi:

  • I literally wasn’t watching. You tell me what happened!

Kane vs Dolph Ziggler:

  • Good match here, ending with a surprise rollup by Ziggler…
  • …prompting Rollins and the stooges to come out, beating up Ziggler until Cena comes out for the assist

Seth Rollins vs John Cena:

  • Good, solid main event from these guys
  • With the stooges at ringside, Cena finds himself battling the odds
  • Rollins dominates, nearly getting a count out win, but Cena manages to get back in the ring
  • Cena with a tornado DDT is somehow a highlight for me
  • Match ends with Kane running in to cause the DQ…
  • …followed by Ziggler running out to stop Kane and Rollins…
  • …followed by the whole roster running down, and eventually everyone brawls with everyone

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