OPW Podcast: Positive Vibes

On this edition of the podcast, it’s all about, well, positive vibes! Here’s a quick rundown:

  • I talk about the latest from our partners, including Dashawns2cents interviewing THE Maffew from Botchamania, the MFX Podcast doing alternative commentary for WWE Fastlane, and my time on Wrestling Mayhem Show to talk about Roadblock and play the Patreon in the Bank round of Mayhem Mania;
  • In this week’s Wrestling Media Review, I give my thoughts on The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling, a fun little thriller with wrestling and reality show themes, and talk about IWC’s anniversary show Fifteen and put over the amazing website you can find that and other great wrestling shows, IndyWrestling.US (which yours truly had a hand in putting together);
  • And in this week’s interview, I talk to Kenny Pete from The Mystery Men, the band that plays the tune you hear on this show! We talk about a lot of stuff, from Wrestlemania 2 to PWG Sells Out Volume 1, watching CHIKARA (and playing some tunes for them) and much more!

Thanks for checking the show out, you can now find it on iTunes and Stitcher so be sure to leave a review and rating when you get a chance and help me get an idea of what’s working and where I can improve! Don’t forget, if you want to chat about what YOU love in wrestling, contact me on Twitter @Power2TheSmarks or find Occupy Pro Wrestling on Facebook and we can work out a day and time that works for ya!


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