Welcome to the new Occupy Pro Wrestling!

It’s been a long time coming…

When I launched Occupy Pro Wrestling in 2012, I envisioned a website dedicated to bringing fans together and showcasing the art of professional wrestling to those who have never heard of it. As the years went on, I worked hard to partner with people who shared this vision, and to have conversations with fans who love wrestling. And now, the fruit of that labor has become ripe: the new Occupy Pro Wrestling website is here. You might notice some major changes, and some minor ones, as you browse the new site:

  • It is now easier than ever to find articles on the site, whether it’s new content from OPW directly or stuff from Site Partners! You can browse the archives using the links in the main navigation bar or check out the newest on the front page!
  • You easily find links at the top menu to support Occupy Pro Wrestling by buying merch from the shop at What A Maneuver or the upcoming Smark Shop, as well as becoming a supporter through Patreon!
  • Speaking of the Smark Shop, that is still a work in progress but more details will be unveiled soon! You’ll find plenty of merch over there, including stickers, magnets, buttons, and much more!
  • There is one inactive link in our top menu, and I thought it’d be best to address it now: the OPW Community will be a old-school hub for discussion of pro wrestling, pop culture, and much more! More details will be revealed in due time!
  • The podcast will be returning soon, and when it does you’ll find the latest episodes easily from the new site, as well as past episodes via the link in the top menu.

I’m excited for this new chapter in the story of Occupy Pro Wrestling, and I hope you are too. Feel free to leave a comment or let me know on social media on Facebook and Twitter with any feedback or questions about the new site! Thanks!

~ Alex Smiley

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