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Things are getting a little mayhemmy for our year-end Christmas episode.  We’ve even got our favorite imaginary friend in studio as we’re joined by Billy Ruxpin!  But, wait – there’s more.  We’ve pulled good ol’ Dj Lunchbox off the shelf and dusted him off just for the occasion!

  • This week we’re not only recapping the week in wrestling – we’re also recapping the year in wrestling.
  • We’ve been doing this for 600 Tuesdays?
  • Rizz is sharing some memories from his previous experiences for the STD Christmas episode.
  • Dj Lunchbox has not been involved with wrestling in some time. This is the episode where we’re getting him caught up on what’s happened since his hiatus.
  • What did YOU learn in wrestling this year?

We’re running through our predictions from last year – to see who got it right for 2017 before we make our predictions for 2018:

2018 WWE Predictions:
Sorg: Enzo will be the UK Champion.
Billy Ruxpin: Daniel Bryan will wrestle at Wrestlemania. (Against Kurt Angle?)
LB: Something bad will happen with Kurt Angle and he’ll have to go away.
Bobby: Nakamura’s going to with the Royal Rumble and challenge AJ Styles at Wrestlemania.
Wheelz: Enzo and Cass reunite and become tag team champions.
Rizz: WWE will pick up Ethan Carter, III.
Larry: Next year we’ll have a women’s tagteam championship.
Bryan: Shane is going to take another stupid ass bump like Hell in a Cell.

2018 WMS Predictions:
Sorg: Bobby will start his own independent show outside of WMS.
Billy Ruxpin: Will be back on the show for 2018.
LB: Former WWE/F wrestler will be in-studio.
Bobby: We will overdub a movie, and Sorg will actually release it this time.
Wheelz: Wheelz will make his in-studio debut for AwesomeCast and WMS.
Rizz: We will have a live WMS show at either RWA or IWC.
Larry: Sorg will not remember STD Christmas special, and will not watch it afterwards.
Bryan: Bryan will be a semi-regular audience member/show member.

Fan of the show, Brandon Mynatt, will be a participant in the 2018 Special Olympics as part of the Team Missouri Bowling Team. (Donate at: http://ift.tt/2xJPlC5)

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