Wrestlemaniac (El Mascarado Massacre)

Source: Seven Doors of Cinema
Source: Seven Doors of Cinema

You’re probably wondering why I’m now doing movie reviews on this site, well…I felt pretty strongly about sharing my thoughts on this film, and what better place than the wrestling site? You can expect plenty more of this in the coming weeks, though my main movie focus will be on watching horror flicks in time for Halloween. Anyways, on to the review itself!

Synopsis: A group of amateur porn filmmakers go to Mexico to make a movie, and find themselves stuck in a ghost town called “La Sangre De Dios,” where a crazed luchador named El Mascarado is said to be lurking…(the rest of the film follows the formula of “killer picks off victims one by one” until a slightly disappointing payoff at the end)

Thoughts: First and foremost, I think they missed a trick by not getting Joey Ryan as the character Alfonse (the porn director). Anyone who has seen Ryan’s “sleazy” gimmick would likely agree he’d have been a perfect fit. Would have probably made it even more appealing to wrestling fans, at the very least. To be fair, though, the thing that actually got me curious enough to give this a watch on Hulu was the fact Rey Misterio (Senior, the uncle of the luchador in WWE named Rey Mysterio) was in it. Kudos to him on a very good performance here as El Mascarado. Now, about that ending…

"Spoilers, sweetie." (Image: Mundane Ecstacy)
“Spoilers, sweetie.” (Image: Mundane Ecstacy)

Thanks, River. Anyway, about the ending…despite how I feel about all the protagonists dying off, the fact this movie ends with El Mascarado escaping the ghost town is PERFECT for a potential sequel, and I for one am hoping there’s going to be one. The movie was just good enough to warrant a sequel, in my opinion.

Rating: Three Hornswoggles out of five (3/5 = “Good”)

Not great, not terrible.
Not great, not terrible.

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